Our menu

Our sandwiches

All our sandwiches are freshly made on the premises!

The base for our sandwiches are our freshly baked rolls, made to our own special recipes. Our bakers bake the rolls all day long in different varieties in front of you in our Bäckerei.
You have the choice between delicious specialities like the grain triangle, sportsman´s choice, pumpkin seed roll, lye triangle, crogett, krusti or wheat roll. Our sandwich experts craft the most irresistible sandwich creations.
But don’t take our word for it, try them all yourself!

Our rolls

The special base for our delicious sandwiches!

Wheat Roll: the speciality German roll everybody knows and loves.
Grain Triangle: a dark and aromatic wheat roll with peanuts, linseed, sesame, pumpkin & sunflower seeds.
Sportsman´s Choice: a healthy and fruity roll with plums, raisins, hazelnuts, oat flakes & seeds. Perfect with any variety of cheese!
Lye Triangle: soft, flaky, delicious.
Krusti: rustic wheat roll with sourdough, baked in our stone oven.
Crogett: soft wheat roll with sourdough & olive oil, baked in our stone oven.

Our wraps

All our wraps are freshly rolled on the premises

Our Hot Toasts

All hot toasts are made with our freshly baked sandwich bread!

Triple Toast for triple taste

Our pizzas

Fresh from the stone oven. The dough we use for our pizza is a special baker’s recipe made with sourdough!

Our fresh salads

Served with our oven fresh bread and dressing of your choice!

Our fresh fruit salads & yoghurts

Our pastries

All our pastries are freshly prepared and baked on the premises. Please ask for availability or visit our counter for more little sweet surprises.

Our cakes

Our breakfast

The best start to your day.

Our hot beverages